The first step has been taken!
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Everyone has noticed! Our login page is now different. 

This is the start of an innovation path we have embarked.

Moreover, this offers you an increased security which is essential in the context of GDPR. The users who have an access to both MRT and ORD can login to these platforms with only one login. For the time being, the access to REI is still separate but will be integrated in the future.

On Monday March 26th, 8 945 users saw their new screen and were all invited to create a new password.  We are proud to announce that this transition has gone smoothly. During the first days we were contacted by 297 users or 3,3%.  

More than 90% of the issues consisted of outdated email addresses still being used as login. This leads us seamlessly into the next topic.…

Soon every garage will be able to manage its own users.

This means correcting email addresses, inactivating users, adding new users… Your registrations will be processed in real time. 

Finally, in the course of 2018, our platforms will get a new look and feel. User friendly screens will guide you even faster through the functionalities.