About us
Our story, our mission and our team.

Our mission.

rS automotive has been present in the leasing industry for several years now. Ever since, rS automotive keeps using their experience to improve the industry, to the point that 98 % of the automobile business in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is already using our platform.

Not everybody knows that rS starts right at the beginning of the leasing process by automating the ordering, registering and delivery of the vehicle. The ORD platform makes the acquisition of the car extremely easy for all involved parties. All relevant information is catalogued. Once the leasing car is circulating, maintenance, repair and tires are taken care of in the most efficient way. Saving time and money on every visit to the garage, the MRT platform is extremely convenient, as it processes one request every ten seconds ! In addition to the ORD and MRT platform, the REI platform makes sure that the right invoices are sent to the right persons for the correct amount. 

24 532
815 592
3 840 105
transactions per year

Did you know that, in case of traffic fines, rS makes sure that the tickets are sent to the right people, without the million documents of paperwork that come along with it ? Together with federal police and FPS mobility our Fines Management Services, FMS, can combine the information to target the registered cars and handle its administration. This means automatic managing of as much as 280 fines per hour. rS offers efficiency at its best, and this is what makes car leasing the perfect trade, not only in Belgium but now also in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • 2004
    Creation of MRT Platform
  • 2006
    Creation of REI platform
  • 2011
    Creation of Electronic Training
  • 2012
    Start activities in Luxembourg
  • 2013
    Renewal of MRT platform
  • 2014
    Creation of ORD platform
  • 2015
    Creation of FMS platform
Meet our heroes
Derya Duru
Functional Analyst
Thomas Strybol
Chapter Lead Analysis
Dominique Mushatsi
Customer Care Officer
Karl Boonen
Implementation Consultant
Benjamin Van Rietvelde
Test Engineer
Kevin Lelièvre
BI Expert
Geert De Leeuw
Account Manager
Mo El Kachari
Chapter Lead Testing
Sébastien De Schouwer
Account Manager
Celine Liekens
UX Designer
Davy Van Der Steen
Java Developer
Sven Claes
Functional Analyst
Xavier Sotomayor
Angular Developer
Ben De Jonghe
Legal & Compliance Counsel
Amory Van Aerschot
Customer Care Officer
Yassin Barrani
Angular Developer
Joey Muës
Customer Care Officer
Miriam Fleckenstein
UX Designer
Karolien Linters
Product Owner
Nikita Nagurniy
Functional Analyst
Lander Verschueren
Product Owner
Thomas Mees
Finance Officer
Tom Jorissen
Java Developer
Dominique Menten
Test Engineer
Delphine Foccroulle
Contracts & Admin Officer
Robbe Dothee
Test Engineer
Daan Willems
Functional Analyst
Baptiste Iraguha
Angular Developer
Birsen Sahin
Head of Sales
Bruno Rodrigues
Chapter Lead Angular
Caroline Hennevin
Business Developer
Erik Maes
Managing Director
Jan Ver Elst
Test Engineer
Joni Leffelaer
HR Coordinator & Customer Care Lead
Hamza Aarab
Angular Developer
Katrien Van den Berghe
Solution Architect
Luc De Deyn
Product Owner
Stijn Haezebrouck
Chapter Lead Java
Sven Peeters
Java Developer
Tim Hulhoven
Program Manager