Maintenance Repair Tires
MRT is a digital platform that handles all requests and approvals of a maintenance, repair or tire intervention between the vehicle owner and its supplier.
Short line of communication
Increase efficiency
Automatic approval
Electronic invoice
720 000 vehicles

How it works ?

From the moment the supplier requests an intervention approval, the leasing company is immediately informed through MRT.

Either the request is treated automatically by MRT thanks to its multiple approval rules, or manual approval is required by the leasing company.

Thanks to a close collaboration with the tire and vehicle manufacturers, MRT has the catalogue prices at its disposal. 

When the intervention is terminated, the approved work order is automatically transformed into an invoice ready to be sent and paid. The amount payable as agreed upon in MRT is already filled in automatically; the dealer just needs to enter the invoice number and date. Since the invoice is identical to the confirmed intervention, no further discussions need to take place.

MRT makes it possible for all parties to handle work orders in only a few seconds.

But it does not stop there.  MRT is built in such a way that:

• The complete history of a vehicle, any comments or documents are stored and can be consulted at any time.

• All information entered in MRT by the dealer – from the start when creating the intervention, till the end when releasing his invoice –  is seamlessly integrated in the back office of not only the leasing company, but also a dealer or tire fitter,  whereby no further manual action in MRT is needed. 

So thanks to MRT, a transparent and short line of communication between the dealer / tire fitter and leasing company is possible. Moreover, the leasing company is provided with a detailed reporting. 

With a current fleet of 720 000 vehicles, MRT covers more than 95% of the operational leasing fleet in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg improving the efficiency at the dealers and at the leasing companies.

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