Order Register Deliver
ORD is a digital platform that enables the purchase of a new vehicle from a dealer and covers the whole process from order to delivery.
No document handling
Transparent communication
Electronic invoice of order
In use at more than 98% of the dealers
WebDIV integrated

How it works ?

From the moment the leasing company creates an order in its backoffice, the dealer is immediately informed through ORD.

The dealer verifies the details of the order and fills in the expected delivery date. He confirms the order by accepting the terms and conditions of the leasing company.

ORD provides a user friendly overview with an intelligent follow-up system.

This makes it possible for all parties to see the orders to be processed at a glance.
The complete history of an order and any attached documents are stored and can be consulted at any time.

Once the vehicle arrives at the dealer, he indicates this status update in ORD. All necessary information for registering the vehicle will be available in ORD.
Thanks to a realtime interface with the Belgian Government, the leasing company can immediately request the license plate with the touch of a button. 

Upon receipt of the vehicle, the driver can sign the delivery note with his e-id. 

But it does not stop there.

When the vehicle is delivered, the invoice can be sent and paid. All data as agreed upon in ORD (price, options, accessories,…) are already filled in automatically. The dealer just needs to enter the invoice number and date.  Since the invoice is identical to the confirmed order, there will be no discussions about this step.

All information entered in ORD by the dealer – from the start by confirming the order, till the end by releasing his invoice – is automatically processed in the back office of the leasing company. 

ORD ensures a transparent and short line of communication between dealer and leasing company.

ORD is already in use at more than 98% of the dealers in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg improving the efficiency at the dealers and at the leasing companies.

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