rS Electronic Invoice
REI ensures that the delivered vehicles of ORD and the approved work orders of MRT are invoiced at the agreed prices between the involved parties.
Real-time connection with MRT and ORD
Correctness garantueed
Digital archive
1,5 Mio invoices

How it works ?

REI is a digital invoicing platform within the Automotive industry that creates and delivers digital invoices for all terminated repair or tire work orders of MRT and delivered vehicles of ORD.  So every time an MRT work order has been approved and executed, or for each vehicle ordered and delivered through ORD, a matching invoice is generated, and sent from the supplier to the leasing company.

Thanks to its real-time connection with MRT and ORD, the correctness of the invoices is guaranteed. 

This close integration ensures that all data relating to a work order or a delivered vehicle is already properly filled in;  the supplier only needs to fill in the invoice number and invoice date.  

REI also ensures a tight integration with the back-offices of the leasing companies and eventually their suppliers, which removes the need for extra validation. 

But it does not stop there.  REI provides a real time reporting for both leasing company and supplier, based on personal criteria. And its digital archive allows the consultation of the invoices at any time.

Today, more than 1,5 Mio invoices are processed in REI on yearly base, in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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