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ORD - Order Register Deliver
How do I make sure that the automatic notification mails of ORD are sent to another mailaddress?
I get the message “an internal error has occurred”.
The leasing company placed an order but i don’t find it.
My order is not shown in the summary anymore. I cannot find it anymore.
I receive mails saying that I have to execute actions. What to do?
How can I delete an attachment?
How can I add an attachment?
I do not find a button to confirm that the vehicle is in the garage.
What is the VIN control number?
Where can I find the delivery receipt? How can I print it?
I made a mistake in the VIN number. How can I correct this?
The order has been assigned to the wrong dealer. How can I correct this?
The order is not correct. How can I modify the order?
How can I print the Order form?
The vehicle has been delivered. How can I invoice it?
ORD - Who is my contact person at the leasing company?