Renta Solutions and Polestar go one step further
ByrSThursday, September 1, 2022

When uncompromising ambition leads to ideal solutions.

We have known that Polestar and Renta Solutions are  partners in crime for some time now. But what do Polestar and Renta Solutions have in common that make their collaborations a success story? Both companies strive for uncompromising solutions, without shortcuts with a good dose of ambition. And so once again an ideal solution was found by both partners: ORDconnect.

With ORDconnect, Renta Solutions unburdens fleet departments in managing their orders. A solution with 1 main goal: simplifying administration as much as possible. For example, the ORD platform pumps all information about orders to the Polestar system. There, the information from ORD is loaded directly into their back-end systems.

Leasing companies also benefit from this solution. They enjoy the advantage of always having the latest updates for their orders. And this without any manual intervention from the dealer.

Because every solution must be future-proof, ORDconnect is built in such a way that regardless of which distribution model is used, the link with ORD is possible.

Now that Polestar has paved the way, the door is of course wide open. Are you also interested in an end-to-end solution for your ordering process? Contact us at: