New partnership for Renta Solutions
ByrSSaturday, October 1, 2022

ORD is taking a new step into the digital age. From now on itsme® is integrated in ORD.

More than 6 million Belgians use itsme®

More than 700,000 cars are managed through Renta Solutions.

More than enough reason to integrate itsme® in ORD.

itsme® allows the driver to prove his identity and confirm receipt of his car in a safe, easy and reliable way.

In addition, and above all, more ease of use for the dealer and driver thanks to itsme®

The dealer no longer has to prepare the delivery in advance. Manually completing the receipt together with the driver is also no longer necessary.

Once the driver has confirmed receipt via itsme®, all missing information is completed in ORD, including the receipt.

Less time on administration, more time for the nicer things: selling cars 😉