Fines Management Services
FMS ensures that a fine is sent to the usual driver of the car instead of to the holder of the license plate.
No document handling
Privacy of the driver
Compliant with GDPR
640 000 vehicles

How it works ? 

FMS is an innovative digital platform launched in 2015 uniting the collaboration between license plate holders,  the Automotive Crossroad Bank,  the Federal Police and the Justice department.

It starts with the license plate holder, often large fleet owners or leasing companies, that uploads the identification data of the person driving its car into FMS. This process is fully automated and integrated with its back office

Once the driver data is uploaded, FMS treats it and stores it in the Automotive Crossroad Bank for later retrieval.  Again, a realtime interface ensures that this process runs efficiently.  

Now that the driver of a car is identified, the fine can be established directly on the name of the driver, the responsible person for the fine.  So in essence, FMS ensures that the Police also gets to see the name of the driver, this next to the details of the plateholder, which results in fines being edited to the driver instead of to the license plate holder.

But the real strength of FMS lies in its compliance with GDPR; every step in the chain is covered by the right regulation.

FMS has many advantages, of which some are:

• Administrative simplification for license plate holder: since the fine is edited on the driver instead of the license plate holder, the latter is relieved from any document processing.

• Moreover, he is also spared from any potential prosecution considering FMS transfers his liability to the driver.

• Privacy respect for driver, since the employer or leasing company is not informed anymore about the fine that has been committed.

• Faster awareness and payment of the fine, thereby enhancing overall security.

With a current fleet of 640 000 vehicles, FMS represents a large part of the company cars. 

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